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We do recommend that you learn some HTML - the website language. HyperText Markup Language is pretty basic stuff. There are website editing programs out there that don't require you to know any HTML, but when you can't seem to get them to do exactly what you want (and that day will come) rather than be totally frustrated, you can simply step in and edit the HTML code. Many of us just skip the frustration and create our sites in HTML - and It's So Easy, You Can Do It OnaLaptop...

We recommend these References!

HTML-The Basics

A great step by step tutorial for beginners from

HTML 101

Another great series of tutorials from, starting with "Basic HTML"

alt.html FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about HTML. If you've got a question about HTML, the answer is probably here.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists every official HTML tag in common usage, currently up to version 4.0.

WebAuthoring FAQ

A great series of questions and answers to help get you going with HTML

CSS Guide

A very handy reference from for utilizing style sheets on your website

Named Website Colors

Use color names to easily add the color you want to your web pages. Use color names for background colors, text colors, link colors, etc...

Website Colorizer

Use the colorizer to get exactly the color you want on your web pages.

Color Picker

Another method of choosing colors for background, text, links, etc.


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