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Electronic Publishing is Easy!

ePublishing includes any type of publishing via electronic media, including:
Websites   |   eBooks   |   Music CDs   |   Digital Art   |   etc.

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The following discussion is about publishing eBooks.
Website publishing and music publishing are a whole 'nother topic.

Anyone can self-publish their own creative work - their own eBook. A poet, a painter, a fiction writer, a musician, a photographer, proud new parents, proud new grandparents... anyone with something to share is a potential ePublisher. A technical writer, a basket maker, an educator, a doctor, a social worker; The list goes on and on.

These samples, in Adobe Acrobat format, will give you an idea of how simple an eBook can be:

  • This Simple Little eBook is just something we whipped up for demonstration purposes.
  • Aladdin and His Magic Lamp is a classic fable which is so old that the author is long since forgotten and there is no copyright. (Copyright survives 70 years after the author's death.)
  • The Persevering Tortoise and the Pretentious Hare is a fairly recent (1904) poem based on an old fable.

    None of these eBooks took long to create. It's easy once the content is developed.
    (When you create your own eBook, the content will be developed by you.)

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