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U.S. Copyright Office Copyright is established, in the United States and most of the world, as soon as you record your work in any way - on paper, on the computer, on tape, etc. - and it is protected by copyright laws in the U.S. and all other nations who maintain copyright relations with the U.S.
You may (or may not) wish to register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to better protect your rights and to officially document the exact date of copyright. ($20) Either way, you should know the law and how it pertains to you and your work.
Ius Mentis Crash course on copyrights
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Trademarks are words, names, symbols, shapes, slogans, or devices used to identify and distinguish goods. Before using a characterising "trademark" for your publication, product or company, make sure it isn't already reserved - and register it. ($335)
Ius Mentis Crash course on trademarks
ISBN Registration An ISBN - International Standard Book Number - is a 10-digit numeral that identifies the title, edition, binding and publisher of a given work. Bookstores, wholesalers and distributors keep track of all publications solely by the ISBN.
R.R. Bowker Co. provides a minimum of 10 ISBN numbers for $225. You assign one of those numbers to each work you publish. Every version of the work (i.e. paperback, ebook, audiobook, etc.,) and every subsequent edition of the work, must have a separate ISBN.
LCCN Registration An LCCN - Library of Congress Catalog Card Number - is a must - especially if you ever hope to sell your published work to libraries (an excellent market.) This number should appear on the copyright page of your work.
Publishing Law Center "...devoted to providing quality information for the publishing community - publishers, authors, editors, web masters, and freelancers... to help you with publishing, business and intellectual property issues that may affect you."
SPAWN SPAWN - the Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network - encourages the exchange of ideas, information, and other mutual benefits. Their site offers you information on writing and publishing. It also offers links to research sources, publishers, printers, and the media.
SPAN Registration SPAN - Small Publishers Association of North America - "advancing the image and profits of authors and independent publishers through education and marketing opportiunities." Membership in SPAN has many benefits, including access to their online discussion groups, discounts galore and fact filled monthly newsletters. Worth the $95 membership fee.
Writer's Digest Writer's Digest is the world's leading magazine for writers, founded in 1920. Publisher of the Writer's Market, the bible for writers seeking to publish their work.
HTML References HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the basic ingredient of websites. You should get to know at least a little about HTML in order to create your own website.
Web Graphics References Web Graphics References

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